opera, openMotif and lesstif

Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Thu Oct 13 23:26:54 UTC 2005

Couannette wrote:

>Benoit Valiron a écrit :
>>Hi !
>>There are two Motif-like conflicting libraries in moonbase: openMotif
>>and lesstif. A corollary of that is that one cannot install in
>>parallel xpdf and opera: the former needs openMotif and the latter
>>Wouldn't it be possible to either choose one library once for all in
>>moonbase, or have an alias "Motif" that would be one or the other, to
>>remove conflicts ?
>>I would even agree to do the job, if needed, modulo some
>>indications on what to do.
>I agree with you: this a strong concern in putting in the two libraries.
>Or if one lib could be chosen to serve as standard and if both apps compile with
>it, it would be better ;) : only one library would be needed.
as tchan always says - use openMotif, it is by fas superior and as we 
know it - all applications should work with it. For those case that it 
doesn't, you should file a bugreport first (or check to see if it hasn't 
been fixed yet in the last day).

I have been thinking about an %MOTIF alias to circumvent this problem a 
bit. Anyone with arguments for or against that should speak up.


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