relinning readlne

Dennis Veatch dveatch at
Wed Jan 5 15:26:30 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 10:11 am, Terry Chan wrote:
> If you bothered to read the POST_INSTALL script, you would see the code
> responsible for recompiling all the modules that depend on readline.  Many
> programs link to readline statically and must be recompiled when readline
> changes.  Other programs simply break when readline versions change and
> they have not been recompiled.
> There is no simple way to tell which ones will break or not, so code was
> added to determine if the readline version numbers change then a recompile
> is called for.
> And you get what you deserve for relining readline without it being called
> from a lunar renew or lunar update.
> Terry Chan
> --------------------------------------------------------------

Well no need to be snippy about it. I was only wondering why it was and not 
actually complaining about it.

I was not aware there are certain modules that should only be relined by a 
renew or update. Is that documented some where?

> On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 09:31:41AM -0500, Dennis Veatch wrote:
> > I am just curious about this and why it is so. Couple of days back I
> > relined readline. Well some 30+ hours later it's done. The reason it took
> > so long was along the way bash and bash_static, avifile, a number of
> > gnome libs/apps, all of KDE, openoffice-src and whole host of others were
> > relined.
> >
> > Bash I can understand as one of it's dependencies is readline but many of
> > the others this is not so. So what's the reason for this cascade effect?
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