sysklogd and 2.6 kernel

Auke Kok sofar at
Mon Feb 14 08:06:26 UTC 2005

Jaime Buffery wrote:

>Hola, Richard
>On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 03:51:30PM -0700, Richard Pyne wrote:
>>Has anyone been able to get sysklogd to build in a 2.6 kernel 
>Well, if you want to keep this one going -hasn't been updated for years, I can 
>point you to a patch at 
>to be able to compile it against 2.6 headers. 
>You may ask why I don't add this patch to moonbase... Well, the point is that it 
>isn't backwards compatible with 2.4, and noone really recompiles it anyway since 
>it is so old.
>Our days, if you want that functionality, you can use syslog-ng (not in 
>moonbase, and I'm bored, so I think I will try it right away, actually) or 
>ulogd, that I tried, and didn't like, since it mucked up all my logs.


Sometimes I wonder... anyway. The patch has been merged in moonbase and 
patches, builds and compiles (and runs!) fine on 2.4 kernels. I have no 
2.6 boxes around at the moment to test the patch on so please checkout 
moonbase in 15 minutes and give it a run if you have a 2.6 kernel (and 
let us know, thanks).

Anyway, maybe I'm an old fart but syslogd runs and runs stable. In this 
case old means decent, nobody touch my syslogd!!!


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