lunar fix problem

Auke Kok sofar at
Sat Apr 30 15:10:23 UTC 2005

Richard Pyne wrote:
> Is anyone else seeing this? When lunar fix hits X, it goes into 
> a loop and then spits out some code when I ^c out:

the issue: the 'alias' code (the first active version) has this bug.


1 - lin theedge - and try again. I think I fixed the problem in the 
latest theedge version, however people have reported that the problem 
still exists

2 - if that doesn't work, send me a copy of your 'packages' file from 


3 - do 'lin -r --deps emacs' and answer the questions, after this 
completes, 'lunar fix' should work normally again.

feel free to comment and/or provide me with more feedback.


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