shadow 4.0.8

Florin Braescu florin at
Tue Apr 26 16:27:44 UTC 2005

Hi everybody,

  The 4.0.8 version of shadow was released. The news are:

Support for OPIE, SKEY, NDMB, kerberos, and des_rpc was removed since it was 
not working. SElinux fixes were made for chage, chfn, chsh, and passwd. The 
man pages were synchronized. Many minor cleanups were made in the man pages. 
Translation updates were made for the cs, da, es, eu, fi, fr, it, ko, nl, pl, 
pt, sk, and uk locales. A tl translation was added. A potential security 
problem when a mailbox is created in useradd was fixed. The use of 
SU_WHEEL_ONLY was fixed. A race condition in vipw was fixed.

 I attach here the proposed module. Please test it.

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