Stable 2.6.x branch kernel in the moonbase

Chris sums3l at
Tue Oct 19 11:04:07 UTC 2004

Moritz Heiber wrote:
> Hello dear lunar users,
> as of today lunar finally has its very own stable 2.6 branch based linux
> kernel module. Its called 'linux-2.6'. I just checked it into CVS and it
> is going to be available in the moonbase from 9:00 GMT on. Don't
> be afraid, it is going to use your old linux-beta configuration
> when you are installing it for the very first time so you won't
> have to reconfigure your whole kernel (Oh boy, please not!).
> Following this stable kernel might be the Gnome 2.8 release since it can't
> live without a stable 2.6 branch backend installed(due to the heavy use of
> the sysfs interface). Enjoy!

Those who have a broken NVIDIA module should take a look here:

You can dl this fixed driver:


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