Stable 2.6.x branch kernel in the moonbase

Moritz Heiber moe at
Tue Oct 19 08:23:57 UTC 2004

Hello dear lunar users,

as of today lunar finally has its very own stable 2.6 branch based linux
kernel module. Its called 'linux-2.6'. I just checked it into CVS and it
is going to be available in the moonbase from 9:00 GMT on. Don't
be afraid, it is going to use your old linux-beta configuration
when you are installing it for the very first time so you won't
have to reconfigure your whole kernel (Oh boy, please not!).

Following this stable kernel might be the Gnome 2.8 release since it can't
live without a stable 2.6 branch backend installed(due to the heavy use of
the sysfs interface). Enjoy!



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