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Moritz Heiber moe at
Mon Oct 11 00:30:10 UTC 2004

On Sun, 10 Oct 2004 18:24:54 -0500
Woody Gilk <woody.gilk at> wrote:

> you know... this whole debate about linux and linux-beta does need
> some discussion. the state of things right now is that Lunar _cannot_
> upgrade to Gnome 2.8 because the 2.6.x kernels are still "beta". i'm
> not trying to start a flame war (i still use 2.4 because it works
> better for me), but i think there are a lot of people who want 2.6.x
> considered the "main" kernel.

Please do _not_ start a thread about this topic. Revising the lunar kernel
structure is being processed and we just introduced some very important
core changes to make the migration for every user (read every as in
'I'm-just-an-average-luser') go as smooth as possible.
There will be a stable, 2.6 branch kernel soon .. not today .. and not
tomorrow. Its going to be there 'when it is done'(tm). Period.



PS: I wonder why people hesitate to actually blame the GNOME developers for
requeiring the use of unstable and not well tested code (udev/2.6.x
kernels). But yet again .. thats just my two cents

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