Colony replacement!

Dennis Veatch dveatch at
Fri Nov 26 18:57:23 UTC 2004

On Friday 26 November 2004 06:32 pm, Auke Kok wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am really in the need for a colony replacement so I've written a
> cleanroom replacement of colony/cabal. Right now it is in beta and you
> can find it in the latest version of lunar-tools (2004.5). The program
> is called 'clad' which stands for CLuster ADministration (tool). It's
> not really integrated but uses some lunar functionality for specific
> functions, hence released in lunar-tools.
> A short intro:
> clad is a typical command line tool that works always in the same way:
> `clad ACTION [CLUSTER [nodes | command]]`. There of course are the
> obligatory -h -v and -d options and --help is a bit more extensive.
> You create a cluster with 'clad create clustername'. Clad will prompt
> you for a id_dsa passphrase and define the cluster. Then you 'clad add
> clustername node1 node2 node3' which will result in the appropriate
> pubkey for that cluster definition to be uploaded through ssh to each node.
> Once setup succesfully, clad will use ssh-add to store the passphrase so
> you only need to login once if you have your ssh-agent running. If
> needed clad will run one temporarily but you will have to type your
> passphrase with ever clad command of course. If you want to run multiple
> commands after another you can 'clad login clustername' and later 'clad
> logout clustername'. Between those commands you can succesfully execute
> commands on each node without typing a single password.
> This all of course relies on ssh and the ability to logon with a
> plaintext password first to upload the key. You should make sure you use
> proper passwords and turn off password auth for root after you have
> setup your nodes.
> There is no support for concurrent runs ATM. I will dig into that later.
>   I hope everyone can live with this bare minimum replacement of
> cabal/colony which I will erase ASAP from lunar/theedge as it is broken
> ATM.
> PS the name choice is preliminary. People with stronger names can
> suggest a better one to me.

Neato, sounds cool. Wish I had a cluster to play with. 

"CLAD" sounds pretty deceint to me. Maybe you could work "IRON" in there some 

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