udev and sound device

Benoit Valiron bvali087 at uottawa.ca
Mon Nov 22 14:31:51 UTC 2004


I recently passed from a system where udev was mounted to some /udev
directory to a full udev-based system. Modulo some permissions to
adjust, everything went fine, except that udev doesn't create the
sound devices. More specifically, there is no /dev/dsp device, and
mpg123 fails, complaining: "no /dev/dsp found !".

It looks strange to me : I still have the old static dev directory
renamed as /dev-static. And if I ask mpg123 to use /dev-static/dsp, it
works as required. Moreover, udev then creates all the required
devices in /dev and the sound works as it should be.

So my question is : Does anyone have any idea on how to ask udev to
create these devices without passing first by some static one ?

Thank you,

-- ben

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