linux-mppe module

Auke Kok sofar at
Fri Nov 19 10:41:53 UTC 2004

Richard Pyne wrote:

>Here is a kernel module based on linux-stable that has the 
>patches needed to go along with the mppe-mppc patch in net/ppp 
>to support pptp tunneling.

Thanks for you submission!

I would like to ask you to file this module in the non-free modules 
website, as the patch included is obviously problematic. Quote:

+ * WARNING! Although this is open source code, its usage in some countries
+ * (in particular in the USA) may violate Stac Inc. patent for MPPC.

+  Please note that Hi/Fn ( holds patent on MPPC so
+  you should check if this patent is valid in your country in order to
+  avoid legal problems.

Since the law handles this differently in countries around the world... 
it would go to far to put this module in the main repository. I would 
appreciate it however if you archived it in the non-free website over here:

Striker has just re-set it up and I will shortly file my own non-free 
modules there too.


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