no sound in xine

Woody Gilk woody.gilk at
Fri Nov 19 04:09:08 UTC 2004

i know it's something with user error, but i get no sound with
anything that relies on xine. i've recompiled it at least 4 times, but
still no go. everything compiles fine, i can run totem and get very
beautiful video, but there's no sound. i've tried playing .ogg and
.mp3 files as well. both show up and the goom vis works and shows that
it's playing, but, again, dead silence.

anyone have any suggestions before i freak out and kill someone? (i'm
trying to get rhythmbox to compile with xine backend, but since
there's no sound in xine, rhythmbox has no sound....)

thanks for any suggestions you can give me.

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