Request for new module slmodem

Bernd Kosmahl spam at
Mon Nov 15 21:42:46 UTC 2004

I'd like to see slmodem drivers in the moonbase. The driver supports the 
following modems:

Riser: HAMR5600, SmartRiser56, SmartRiser561 - CNR/ACR/MDC/MiniPCI
PCI: SmartPCI56, SmartPCI561, SmartPCI562, SmartPCI563, SmartLAN56
USB: SmartUSB56


I tried the driver and everything looks good for me using my internal 
laptop modem (sis-chipset, linux 2.4.27):

slamr: SmartLink AMRMO modem.
slamr: probe 1039:7013 SiS630 card...
slamr: mc97 codec is SIL21
slamr: slamr0 is SiS630 card.

The only problems are:

-the distributed init.d script that doesn't work well on my lunar box. 
Seems to be a problem with missing functions.
-well, the licence. I'm not very familiar with such stuff but take a 
look on it:

I'd like to do this on my own but I still don't have enough knowhow :-(
Bernd "beko" Kosmahl

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