udev only and usb permissions

Dennis Veatch dveatch at woh.rr.com
Sun Nov 7 11:41:19 UTC 2004

In checking out the latest RC of digikam I've run into a usb permission 
problem I cannot resolve. As a normal user, digikam will auto detect the 
camera (HP C320). Yet when it tries to download the images it errors out 
saying to make sure the camera is plugged in and turned on.

As root running digikam there are no problems. Auto detect works as before and 
images can be downloaded, etc. 

So I tried changing the permissions for camera 
in /etc/udev/permissions.d/50-udev.permissions form;




adding a normal user to the users groug, then restarted udev and no change. I 
looked at the relevant files in /etc/hotplug and hotplug.d but did not see 
anything that helps. I am reasonably certain the kernel driver being used for 
this system is uhci_hcd. 

At this point I do not know where else to look.

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