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Sun May 30 09:10:37 GMT 2004

Quote from Hendrik Visage <hvisage at envisage.co.za>:

> Oh no, I never thought I'm a luser neither a newbie, but then again,
> I don't fix which ain't broke :(

Hehe, what to say about this, if everything is fine with the code, why all the
time Lunar mailing list if full up with pakcage fails during somewhat action,
or package deps broken.
> > I wish the project the best of luck. Of the source-based solutions it's
> > the best (imo).
More luck of course... u will needed.
I will try a little bit more to stay with Lunar, until the code begin highly
unstable, at the moment is not so :)

Stefan Ilivanov, Moonbase luser (as luser some ppl, saids Linux User, not a
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