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Sat May 29 15:21:27 GMT 2004

This is not a Flame, please dont make it.

I was tired from reading and recieving mails with messed up dependecies, I have
an idea and offer to make a clean plan for current moonbase, wich package
depends on what, what is important and what is suggested...., yeah sometimes
the big problem is in - the device behind the keyboard, but in part of cases
depends on some missed lines from reading docs.

Why there is no one disscus the problems with the fucked USB devices, or the new
wireless devices, or why sometimes kernel 2.6 make "sleeping" some IRQs :)

Everything starts and stops with Lin package name fails,
Or broken dependencie with package-name-version
or package-name, wont work with higher/lower version of the following packages.

Just cleared it once and forever.

Question, why LICQ depends on QT in Lunar Moonbase ?
Licq is not GUI ICQ client at all, it can be used in console and sometimes is
better than micq, QT must be set as optional/suggested deps
Second, LICQ cant work with KDE tray bar from 3.1.0 version of KDE
Optional package for LICQ is OSD - xosd lib, and OSD Plugin for those
that need GUI version of LICQ, SSL plugin for LICQ  is not important, make LICQ
crashesh several times in different situations. SSL make it a little bit
slower, and heavy

Someone like me have a lot of free time to check what is better for one package
and what nope, if u cant I can do it....

But realy want to see something different to be disscused here, not only broken

Sorry for my bad English, sorry and for this mail if u dont like it (someone to
show u the mistakes)


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