freetype2 2.1.5 -> 2.1.8

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Wed May 26 17:36:58 GMT 2004

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Reason why freetype2 hasnt been updated in a while is that I found that
some modules didnt compile with it.  of course thats when it 1st came
out so things might be fixed now.  Also the fonts used with 2.1.8 didnt
seem so nice and once I downgraded back to 2.1.5 thinsg were better.  I
think though that some modules need to be tested to make sure that
things are kosher.  Mozilla (firefox and tbird), pango, xfree86, xorg,
vte, basically any module that might use freetype to help display fonts.


Remco Lubbers wrote:
| Hi All,
| version 2.1.8 of freetype2 has been around for a while, but moonbase still
| lists 2.1.5, even though there has been a 2.1.7 around also.
| I took the liberty of doing some digging and couldn't find any reason
to keep
| this old version around, but I must add that we only use freetype2 for
| I changed the DETAILS-file and the BUILD file (the latter had to be
| because 2.1.5 had a patch available apparently (where did that
| from?), which I took out completely).
| Please find the new files attached. I've tested them on several
machines, that
| is, tried installing and removing freetype2 and checked if PHP (4.3.6)
+ GD
| (2.0.25) worked: everything seemed ok. Could someone please submit
those to
| moonbase? The other 2 files seemed ok.
| TIA & cheers!
| Remco
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