freetype2 2.1.5 -> 2.1.8

Remco Lubbers rpl at
Wed May 26 17:34:39 GMT 2004

Hi All,

version 2.1.8 of freetype2 has been around for a while, but moonbase still
lists 2.1.5, even though there has been a 2.1.7 around also.

I took the liberty of doing some digging and couldn't find any reason to keep
this old version around, but I must add that we only use freetype2 for php/gd. 

I changed the DETAILS-file and the BUILD file (the latter had to be changed
because 2.1.5 had a patch available apparently (where did that $PATCH_URL come
from?), which I took out completely).

Please find the new files attached. I've tested them on several machines, that
is, tried installing and removing freetype2 and checked if PHP (4.3.6) + GD
(2.0.25) worked: everything seemed ok. Could someone please submit those to
moonbase? The other 2 files seemed ok.

TIA & cheers!


Remco P. Lubbers (rpl at
| Linux kernel 2.4.25 | Lunar 1.4.0 | XFce 4.0.4 | Pronto! 2.4.0 |
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