LinCVS build fails

Florin Braescu florin at
Fri May 21 16:37:46 GMT 2004

Pe data de Joi Mai 20 2004 20:35, Couannette a scris:
> Problems with LinCVS :
> If x11-ssh-askpass is not installed qmake fails (that's a lincvs mistake
> there), therefore I propose in BUILD:
> if ! module_installed x11-ssh-askpass ; then
> sedit \
> 's/!mac:unix:CONFIG += ssh-askpass/#!mac:unix:CONFIG += ssh-askpass/'\
> fi
> And qmake doesn't correctly propagate libraries used & linked when qt-mt
>  was built (3.3.2). Thus LinCVS ends at ld stage with undef from libGL ...
> This is a pain since qt3 is built against a lot of libraries. BTW there
> is only one qt lib installed on my system: qt-mt.
> Do we have a Qt specialist that could figure out this crappy stuff ?
> Thanks
> Couannette

Hi Couannette,

  I was unable to reproduce any of the problems you encountered. The lincvs 
module compiles just fine without x11-ssh-askpass module installed (and i use 
lincvs for a long time) and regarding the qt lib i can't understand the 
problem either. The only problem i have now with lincvs is that it installs 
without rights for other users in the system (must fix the chmod for some 
installed files). Can you give me more details please?


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