LinCVS build fails

Couannette couannette at
Thu May 20 17:35:19 GMT 2004

Problems with LinCVS :

If x11-ssh-askpass is not installed qmake fails (that's a lincvs mistake
there), therefore I propose in BUILD:

if ! module_installed x11-ssh-askpass ; then
sedit \
's/!mac:unix:CONFIG += ssh-askpass/#!mac:unix:CONFIG += ssh-askpass/'\

And qmake doesn't correctly propagate libraries used & linked when qt-mt
 was built (3.3.2). Thus LinCVS ends at ld stage with undef from libGL ...

This is a pain since qt3 is built against a lot of libraries. BTW there
is only one qt lib installed on my system: qt-mt.

Do we have a Qt specialist that could figure out this crappy stuff ?



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