KDE 3.1->3.2 upgrade woes

Erik Søe Sørensen eriksoe at daimi.au.dk
Sun May 2 16:08:29 GMT 2004

Chad Kittel wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 April 2004 13:06, Erik Søe Sørensen <eriksoe at daimi.au.dk> 
> wrote:
>>>>KDM lost its background.
>>>I did not experience this.
>>What's in your XSetup file?
> What file is this?  I'm not sure I have a 'XSetup' file on my system.  If you 
> are are using XSetup as a generic reference to some config file, I'm not 
> making the connection :)  Let me know what file you are wondering about and 
> I'll get you a copy of mine or at least the relevant parts...

The file is /opt/lunar/kde/3/share/config/kdm/Xsetup, from kdebase3-3.2.2.
I fixed it myself to show the background, but it's odd if you didn't 
have to do anything like that...

My Xsetup contains:
#! /bin/sh
# Xsetup - run as root before the login dialog appears

/opt/lunar/kde/3/bin/krootimage \                #
/opt/lunar/kde/3/share/config/kdm/backgroundrc & # I added this
#xconsole -geometry 480x130-0-0 -notify -verbose -fn fixed -exitOnFail 
-file /dev/xconsole &


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