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Sun Oct 26 15:38:02 GMT 2003

On Sun, 26 Oct 2003 15:32:01 +0100
cmak_ at (Jan Eidtmann) wrote:

> Hi all, i found something (new?)
> beep-media-player is XMMS but the GUI uses GTK+-2. It lacks some
> plugins that XMMS has.
> some infos from the ChangeLog:
>         * Input/cdaudio: removed for porting
>         * Input/mikmod: removed, will be replaced by modplug
>         * Input/tonegen: removed for porting
>         * Input/wav: removed for porting
>         * Output/OSS: GTK2 code changes
>         * Output/alsa: removed for porting
>         * Output/disk_writer: removed for porting
>         * Output/esd: GTK2 removed for porting
>         * Output/solaris: removed for porting
>         * Output/sun: removed for porting
>         Everything marked as "removed for porting" will be added back
>         when the port is complete,        except for mikmod, which
>         will be replaced by an integrated version of libmodplug (try  
>         playing good ol' Space Debris with mikmod ; )
> you can keep XMMS. (parallel install)
> Link:
> cheers,
> cmak

We've been aware of it since .. umm .. this morning ;-). Here are some
quotes about it:

<Moe> alright .. for anybody who wants XMMS with GTK2 goto and build it yourself. I consider it to be
too buggy and unstable to push it into the moonbase

<sofar> Moe: I've seen the gtk2 xmms and it sucks... just leave it out
of moonbase

I guess we'd better wait for a more stable and reliable version of beep
(apart from that it rocks ;-).



Moritz Heiber

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