beep-media-player module

Jan Eidtmann cmak_ at
Sun Oct 26 15:32:01 GMT 2003

Hi all, i found something (new?)

beep-media-player is XMMS but the GUI uses GTK+-2. It lacks some plugins
that XMMS has.
some infos from the ChangeLog:

        * Input/cdaudio: removed for porting
        * Input/mikmod: removed, will be replaced by modplug
        * Input/tonegen: removed for porting
        * Input/wav: removed for porting

        * Output/OSS: GTK2 code changes
        * Output/alsa: removed for porting
        * Output/disk_writer: removed for porting
        * Output/esd: GTK2 removed for porting
        * Output/solaris: removed for porting
        * Output/sun: removed for porting

        Everything marked as "removed for porting" will be added back
        when the port is complete,        except for mikmod, which will
        be replaced by an integrated version of libmodplug (try       
        playing good ol' Space Debris with mikmod ; )

you can keep XMMS. (parallel install)

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