Second try

Matt Dee foggerty at
Sat Oct 4 00:42:04 GMT 2003

I'll try not to follow this post up with another 'sorry, my fault' reply :-)

I'm attempting to get pppd working, with no luck.  I downloaded the source 
for pppd and according to the docs, if I've compiled ppp support into the 
kernel (I have done) and you have devfs running (the dev directory is 
populated, and `ps -A` shows that devfsd is indeed running) then devfs 
should create `/dev/ppp` at startup - it hasn't.

Also, to double check, I ran `mknod /dev/ppp c 108 0` and ran pppd again, 
at which point it stoped complaining that it could not find `/dev/ppp` and 
instead complained that ppp support had not been compiled into the kernel.

Any ideas?
(I tried compiling without the agressive patchset in case it was 
interfering with ppp.)


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