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Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Fri Oct 3 12:08:26 GMT 2003

Op do 02-10-2003, om 18:04 schreef elaine:
> Hello all module developers.
> Feedback on these ideas or other ways to make test/release easier are 
> solicited! Sorry this is a long email.

One more thing. There will be problems that are very hard to avoid with
the current lunar tools. 

First thing that comes to mind is changing of install location. Both for
gnome and xfce you first have to upgrade the most basic library (linc
and libxfce4util) and then login/logout to update the shell environment.

Another thing that's hard to do is recompile libs that depend on updated
libraries, but weren't updated themselves. This is what hit most people
on the gnome update, I think. Perhaps this can be done in a
POST_INSTALL, but may be difficult with optional dependencies ...

The only way I can see to do this right currently, is to provide special
update scripts for these difficult transitions.


First send from wrong address, sorry :(

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