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Fri Mar 21 18:15:41 GMT 2003

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On Friday 21 March 2003 17:44, Richard Pyne wrote:
> I had a lunar update crash and not I get this message from almost
> everything I try (including trying to log in as root at the console
> after a reboot to single user mode).
> /lib/ symbol _nss_files_parse_pwent, version
> GLIBC_2.0 not defined in the file with link time reference
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If no one has any idea
> how to do a quick recovery, please tell me how I can do a re-install
> from CDROM without hosing everything.

Well i ran into that problem some weeks ago too.
Try to boot from the installation cd, mount you root partition and see if 
there is a copy of the compiled glibc under /var/cache/lunar.
Then you should be able to un-tar the file to your root directory and have a 
working glibc again (also check all symlinks to the glibc libs, they are not 
in the tar archive and you have to create them manually if they're not 

Anyway, this did not work for me either. So i grabbed the installation cd and 
copied over all directories except /home and /etc (before that i deleted the 
directories that were to be replaced recursivly by hand). After that i had a 
running system again but i had to re-install all modules...

So, see if the first hints works for you - in every case the better solution 
if you keep copys of the compiled modules in /var/cache/lunar and if only 
your glibc is messed up.

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