mount script woes...

Rick Altherr kc8apf at
Fri Mar 14 09:42:47 GMT 2003

>  Change the mount script to do the minimal /, /proc, /dev (and perhaps
> /var/adm) Typically a minimal_mount as S09minimal_mount
>  Then provide it a hook for LVM, EVMS, md (raid0 start), etc. to fire up
> all extra stuff that's needed (Perhaps even the TCP/IP networking etc.)
> Typically this would be S10-S12
>  Then do the full fsck+mount etc.once all the devices settled.
>  Doing this, would be less pain for several other things (And besides,
> looking at the methods employed by other commercial Un*xen, it's the
> same principle) and I believe this device mapper would work in a
> similar method.

This sounds good.  I've been struggling with raid on my alpha (since for some 
reason raid autodetection doesn't work with BSD partitions).  Anyway, I ended 
up modifying the mount script to start the raid array before mouting the 
general purpose filesystems.

Splitting this up would be very nice and does make it easy to setup lvm, raid, 
etc.  Just do the minimal to get the basic system up, then do your lvm, raid 
init stuff, then mount all the other FS.  Sounds like the way to go.

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