Large file support.

Thomas Andersson bluescreen at
Wed Mar 5 14:08:02 GMT 2003

Hello all.

This is my first mail to this list.

I have been using Lunar for about 4 months now, and it works very well.
I have one problem though.
Last night I thought I'd do a full backup of all my Lunar-partitions.
The way I used to do this, when running RedHat, was to NFS-mount a 
share on one of my RedHat-servers and use dump to backup to files on 
the server.

Now comes the weird thing.

I can't go beyond filesizes of 2GB in Lunar.
Neither with tar or dump and neither over NFS or SMB.
I still have RedHat installed on another partition, so I booted 
RedHat, mounted my Lunar-partitions and dumped over NFS with no 
problem, all my partitions are ext3, except /boot which is ext2.

So my question is.
Where did I screw up, when building Lunar ?
Is it glibc, e2fsprogs, the kernel config, fileutils or something else 
that handles support for lagre files ?
I must have missed something.
Any pointers anyone ?



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