Moonbase Cleanup This Weekend

Nick Hudson nhudson at
Fri Jun 27 21:39:16 GMT 2003


	Just incase someone doesnt know about this, we (devs) are planning on
cleaning up moonbase this weekend and part of next week so that things
will be clean and ready to go for the 1.4 iso release sometime soon. 
Now as of right now I have cleaned up 7 modules some of which most of
you might have installed. 

	Now if and when you update and it says something like this "module
librsvg2 has been removed would you like to uninstall?" DONT FREAK! :). 
This isnt a bug or something weird, what has happened I have moved
librsvg2 to librsvg.  If you get this yes you can uninstall it or if you
dont feel like it then just make a note of the module, dont delete it
and come back and install the new module later when you feel more
comfortable.  Now here is a just a small list of modules that I have
done so far:

eel2 -> eel
ggv2 -> ggv
ghex2 -> ghex
gnomeicu2 -> gnomeicu
librsvg2 -> librsvg
bug-buddy2 -> bug-buddy

There will be alot of this going on over the next few days.  We will try
to make things as smooth as possible, but there might be 1 or 2
instances where things might go wrong, DONT panic, it will be fixed. 
the purpose of this is to make Lunar better for the future.  If anyone
has any questions please ask, reply to this email, flame me personally,
I really could care less, but if you have a legit question about it I
will be more than happy to answer :).  


Nick Hudson
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