kernel 2.4.21 - probably best avoided

HornGábor Horn.Gabor at
Fri Jun 27 13:25:21 GMT 2003


I agree, and just have one question: could it be possible to add the
supermount patch to the patchset? Or will it conflict anything currently
in it? I think it's a nice useful patch for those who use lunar  as a
desktop. I use this patch for mounths w/o any problem, and am happy w/
it (i use a 2.4.20-ck6 atm which includes this).


thx, hirisov

> Lunar users may want to avoid updating the linux-stable,vanilla
> versions from .20 to .21. .21 has quickly gained a reputation for
> numerous instabilities and at least one memory leak. .22-pre2 
> is out and marcello seems clear that .22 will be correct and 
> available soon.
> I'm considering reverting the -stable module to the patched-.20
> kernel unless anyone has objections.
> elaine
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