Aaron Watry watryac04 at uww.edu
Wed Jun 25 14:32:39 GMT 2003

This has gotten me thinking.  Why do we not build into each module a
line, or several, to take care of known broken optimizations, features,
and architectures?

Something along the lines of an optional line in the DETAILS file for a

$NONWORKING_SPD=Speedy Profiling

Then when you go and define the $SPD variable from
/var/lib/lunar/functions/optimize.lunar, read in this variable and do a
substitution. Forgive me please, I am terrible with shell programming,
so this will be pseudo-perl:

	$SPD =~ s/$BADSPD//;
	$SPD =~ s/  / /; #to clean up any spaces, assuming this is still 			 #a

If the $SPD variable is not still a string at this point, which I'm not
sure about, you'd have to change it a little, but i think my point is
there fairly clearly.  We have several optimizations which we know don't
work, as well as some architectures that don't work with certain
programs (e.g. P4 + mozilla).  Why don't we correct for this on the
module level when we know that there is a problem that exists?  Keep in
mind that for non-working architectures, we'd have to supply a
substitute cpu-type (i686 instead of p4), and in the case of SSE2 not
working on something, we could do the same as the SPD example above, I

Well, it's just a thought. If the devs think it's good enough to
include, great.  If not, no biggie.

-Aaron Watry

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 09:26, Couannette wrote:
> What are your optimization settings ?
> If you use any of the "Speed Optimizations" options please be carefull 
> as theses GCC options are tricky and the community cannot support all 
> combinations.
> Send me a list of module that behave badly with this sort of 
> optimizations. I'll have to check some stuff...
> Anyway you can do that:
> Copy one /etc/lunar/local/optimizations file for each set of modules.
> Couannette
> Avin Sigurani wrote:
> >Is there a way to create optimization settings for individual modules?  Some compiler options work for all but a few key packages, and it seems silly not to use optimizations just so a few packages will not break.
> > 
> > 
> >-Avin
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