freenode sillyness

Moritz Heiber MisterMoe at
Tue Jun 24 10:41:02 GMT 2003

> Here we go:
> -lilo- [Global Notice] Hi all.  We're experiencing severe attacks and
> we'll be shutting down the network piece by piece.  Thanks.
> -lilo- [Global Notice] Looks as if that may have been a bit premature,
> folks, at least for now things seem to be a bit better.  We'll try
> bringing the two dropped main rotation servers back up.
> -lilo- [Global Notice] Hi all. Current status:  the main rotation is
> currently pointed to, and one of the MR servers is down, two
> have been shut down since the problem started
> -lilo- [Global Notice] We're currently trying to get a bit ahead on
> the klines, but it's slow going
> -lilo- [Global Notice] It's just the usual "summer in the US"
> nonsense....apologies for the inconvenience, and we'll keep things
> going as best we can. Thanks.
> -lilo- [Global Notice] So, with the network pointing to, and
> us churning out klines, maybe this is a good time to point out that we
> need a new protocol. :)

Short update: At the moment using freenode has become almost
impossible because of the high amount of netsplits ( one or two every
minute ).



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