Old Lunar isos

Hendrik Visage hvisage at envisage.co.za
Sat Jun 14 20:30:29 GMT 2003


 I'm looking for a Lunar ISO which still have
glibc 2.2.x on it. Any pointers?


 I have at least two machines with ISA PNP and ATI Mach64 XServer
problems, mhich worked fine under pre-GCC 3, but of late is giving
troubles. I've at least found that GCC 3 doesn't appear to correctly
compile ISA PNP stuff of at least the kernel (but perhaps also alsa-driver)
and are now in search of the solution to the Xserver issues.

 Now glibc 2.3 needs at least GCC 3.2, and a donwgrade from GLIBC 2.3
to GLIBC 2.2 doesn't work as the programs compiled against GLIBC 2.3 
doesn't like the older interface :(, thus I'm in need of an glibc 2.2.x
based ISO to continue my tests.

Any pointers?
Any body that could dump it for me somewhere??


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