openoffice and the "kprinter" command troubles.......

Ralph Crongeyer rcrongeyer at
Wed Jun 11 10:58:26 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I had this working once before but.......
I am running Lunar on a laptop and only have the root and myself as a user. I 
deleted my user account and the /home/username dir and then recreated my 
account. And now when I setup openoffice I can't seem to get the kprinter 
command to work by setting the Generic Printer (default printer in spadmin of 
openoffice) print command to kprinter. When I look at the completed jobs on 
the cups print server for the printer it has:
HP_8150-2644	<STDIN>			ralph	5k	completed at
											Wed 11 Jun 2003 09:54:26 AM EDT

and nothing gets printed. I guess because <STDIN> is empty. 

Anyway how can I fix this thing??


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