lunar journal [3] - 9th june 2003

Auke Kok auke.kok at
Tue Jun 10 00:52:18 GMT 2003


Okay I'm settled again but I have to fight for my spot with two
obnoxious cats, hopefully they won't invade my keyspace while I type
(their fascination for something simple as a cursor is amazing).

I had the privilidge of meeting with csm while I was gone, and I can
safely say it was definately worth the trip. We spend 2 evenings eating
pizza and discussing lunar and all the things we hardly talk about when
we're in #lunar. I can only hope that I can do something like this again
and more people are there!

Csm made his first commit in a month, he just asked me to announce that,
so hereby. Actually everyone is working hard on their issues and some of
them are definately worth mentioning.

Elaine is currently investigating the performance of lunar as a server
platform and has concluded some heavy testing of RH9 vs. Lunar.
Interested people should check out:

I'll let the numbers speak for itself. 

A batch of bugs were reported concerning the core code that snuck in
there over the course of the last 5 weeks or so. Most had already been
fixed by me but I had to wait to commit them to theedge. Testing was
just too much when I had to pack my bags. 

People have noticed the openssl update, which was quite vigourously
(hmm, where's my spellcheck) and gave some problems. people fearing the
update should fetch a clean moonbase which contains pretty much all
measures to prevent the pitfalls people encountered earlier. I haven't
seen any problems after that, luckily.

Niki is preparing some new kernel patches that will prepare us to move
to gcc-3.3. Apparently the kernel is quite bad when it comes to keeping
it's code clean... There will soon be a 2.4.21 kernel out as well, so
keep your heads up.

Meanwhile I'm crushing on evolution 1.4.0, but I think I'll hit the sack
before that compiles.


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