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On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Todd A. Jacobs posted the following:

TAJ>So, it's time to ask the question: has *anyone* else on this list actually
TAJ>tried to install a Lunar 1.2 system from the ISO onto a clean system? And
TAJ>once it was installed, did you attempt to do any mass package

I have successfully installed and my first lunar rebuild is running
today while I am at work... I just checked on the machine and is it
chugging along (according to top) steadily rebuilding all the installed

The machine in question is a P3 500 with 3 big ide drives which serves
as my network file, print and dhcpd server. It handles samba and nfs and
I am planning to get LVM up and working as well (I did add that to my
kernel build but we shall see). After the rebuild is finished I will be
installing all my favorite packages though I doubt this machine will see
an X install as it *is* supposed to be a server.

For the record... the only trouble I had with the install was with
grub... the machine *had* been running a Red Hat Beta for a while and I
have not touched it for months... The only thing I *planned* to preserve
was /home (which I did) but I forgot about grub and the mbr and in
post-install I was forced to configure grub since it owned the mbr and
had ignored my efforts to use lilo during the install. I'm sure this
makes tchan smile as he is our most ardent grub proponent!

Anyway Pico seems pretty solid to me and I didn't have any "stopper"
bugs other than the grub thing which was/is clearly an oversight on my
part and no fault of the system.

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