System hosed AGAIN

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Wed Jan 29 17:34:12 GMT 2003

Unfortunately there seems to be very little documentation for this
I'm getting frustrated 

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I've had success with 1.2.  I have encountered some packages that
require some tweaking.  I would wager that the problems you are seeing
relate to too many compiler optimizations while building the kernel.

Immediately after I got the base packages stabilized I blacklisted the
core modules to prevent them from being rebuilt. These include - linux,
grub, lilo, gcc, binutils and a couple others...

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> Okay, after the last round of playing lunar update and lin --fix, the
> system is completely unstable and totally unusable.
> Filesystems which are reported as rw give errors about being
> ro when you 
> attempt to do anything. tmpfs partitions can't be deleted or 
> unmounted. 
> Applications give warnings about failures to open sockets 
> (all filesystems 
> act as if they're read-only, remember?), and have library 
> failures, too. 
> Rebooting solves nothing; mounting single user without devfs 
> is likewise 
> useless.
> I can't even do an "lvu activity" to see what happened last.
> Lvu is hosed, 
> too.
> So, it's time to ask the question: has *anyone* else on this
> list actually
> tried to install a Lunar 1.2 system from the ISO onto a clean 
> system? And
> once it was installed, did you attempt to do any mass package
> additions/upgrades?
> Unless someone else has done this, and gotten it to work on a real,
> freshly installed system--not a virtual machine, not an upgrade to a 
> previous release--I'm about ready to toss in the towel here.
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