lunar rebuild failing on minicom

Steven Michalske michalsc at
Tue Jan 28 15:39:23 GMT 2003

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sorry that we seem like were implying that you are on crack, we only would 
believe heroin :-P

it would be helpful if you were to locate what file has cast failed in it

by doing a recursive grep in your copy of the moonbase

and in /var/lib/lunar
and /etc/lunar

that might help us locate a problem that you have found

also guys i dont think we need a BUILD file for minicom


On Tuesday 28 January 2003 3:29 pm, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Kenny Mann wrote:
> > I'm just wonder if it's possible soomehow part of the older lunar got
> > put on the cd by accident or for whatever reason. Stranger things have
> > been known to happen. (my mom use a computer!?!)
> It's possible. Maybe someone could look into this.
> I guess my big frustration is that a number of people seem to be implying
> I'm on crack here, but only one other person seems to have tried the same
> sequence: install from ISO, lunar update, lin <some packages>, lunar
> rebuild, lin <profiles>.
> That's one of the reasons I built the script: so that
> someone else would try to validate what I'm seeing.
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