lunar rebuild failing on minicom

Kenny Mann Kennymann at
Tue Jan 28 14:11:15 GMT 2003

I'm just wonder if it's possible soomehow part of the older lunar got
put on the cd by accident or for whatever reason. Stranger things have
been known to happen. (my mom use a computer!?!)

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> On 28 Jan 2003, Auke Kok wrote:
> > well, I just grepped over the entire 1.2 ISO and couldn't 
> come up with 
> > that string... In case you installed OVER a sorcerer system 
> something 
> > wen't bad there and you might have to consider doing it another way.
> How about moonbase? Which version is the ISO supposed to fetch? 
> If I say this again, I will scream: I did not install over 
> anything. This 
> was a brand new, freshly-formatted system installed from 1.2. 
> *Anything* 
> that is out-of-version is from either the ISO or the version 
> of Moonbase 
> automatically retrieved with "lunar update."
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