vnc module not requiring X

George Mochrie geo at
Mon Jan 27 12:37:06 GMT 2003


I remember this discussion happening a year or so ago on the SGL list. I seem 
to remember the reason that certain things, most notably X, are not listed as 
dependencies is in case someone wants to build a custom install of X. If 
everything that needs X has it in DEPENDS then a rebild would be initialted 
by lin as the installed version would not be tracked by lunar.

That said, I have to agree with Richard on this. I think missing dependencies 
are a bad idea and can cause problems. One of the things I like about lunar 
is that I can lin a module and not worry about what it depends on, it's all 
automatically linned for me. The 'custom install' problem could be solved by 
having a --assume option added to lin which would register the module as 
installed without actually installing it.

George Mochrie
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