Opinion: More Default Packages

michalsc at email.uc.edu michalsc at email.uc.edu
Mon Jan 27 01:58:50 GMT 2003

now we needn't get nasty.  the lunar iso is made to be the least that it can be
if you wish to have a faster install then there are a couple of options

1. less optomization
2 ccache for faster rebuilds
3 distcc if you have a small cluster like some users, or a dirt slow computer 
and a fast computer
4 copy /var/cache/lunar from a simularly configured computer i.e. same 
optinizations and version of libraries, etc. - then lunar will unpack these 
insted of building the module the first time

todd we could include some files in these caches but for the source based 
concept it would waste space on the iso, also not all lunar users use 
broadband, some times i use my aol account when i am at home, yes i got aol 
working in lunar, lin penggy,  (kudos to the peng and penggy team) others use 
ppp at one point in time our biggest module tester was on dialup and would have 
the entire sources in his cache ( run lget with out options to download all 

as for extra packages built into the iso that isnt going to happen any time soon
if you want to roll your own iso with caches then you may but there isnot the 
desire at the devlopers end to have a cache. i run a p3 and a p1 and soom a 486 
(for a test bed)

out of the box lunar makes a great firewall with the addition of iptables
but we shouldent include iptables on the iso cause i dont have firewalls on my 
client machines i dont need them, or my print server i dont need x

you may not like some of the source based ideals that we hold but hey there is 

have a plesent evening and not let the arguing continue

Quoting Victor Pelt <peltco at mail.utexas.edu>:

> i would like to see you download moonbase without
> bash & lget
> if you can let me know how you did it
> therefore it is the minimal subset of programs needed to 
> start installing everything else
> On Sun, 2003-01-26 at 22:52, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:
> > On 26 Jan 2003, Victor Pelt wrote:
> > 
> > > distribution. the whole point of a source distro is that you
> compile
> > > your own source.
> > 
> > Then why include *anything* but the kernel, bash, compiler, and wget?
> A 
> > distro *should* be useful "out of the box," even if in a minimalist
> way.
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> Victor Pelt <peltco at mail.utexas.edu>
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