Opinion: More Default Packages

Victor Pelt peltco at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Jan 27 00:14:39 GMT 2003

i would like to see you download moonbase without
bash & lget

if you can let me know how you did it

therefore it is the minimal subset of programs needed to 
start installing everything else

On Sun, 2003-01-26 at 22:52, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:
> On 26 Jan 2003, Victor Pelt wrote:
> > distribution. the whole point of a source distro is that you compile
> > your own source.
> Then why include *anything* but the kernel, bash, compiler, and wget? A 
> distro *should* be useful "out of the box," even if in a minimalist way.
Victor Pelt <peltco at mail.utexas.edu>

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