Opinion: More Default Packages

Stefan Wold stefan.wold at telia.com
Mon Jan 27 07:13:22 GMT 2003

I don't agree Todd. The thing about a source distribution is that you have
the chance to customize your system without having to remove a lot of
crap. And what's "useful out-of-the-box" for you may not apply for other
people. So a tiny system to start with  where you add what you want is by
far the best alternative, not only for security reasons, but for
customization. And the ISO is very basic with packages you must have to
start using the distro.

Stefan Wold

On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:

> On 26 Jan 2003, Victor Pelt wrote:
> > distribution. the whole point of a source distro is that you compile
> > your own source.
> Then why include *anything* but the kernel, bash, compiler, and wget? A
> distro *should* be useful "out of the box," even if in a minimalist way.
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