Success with host-skas3.patch

Terry Chan tpchan at
Sun Jan 26 18:17:33 GMT 2003


I emailed you at nospam at with instructions on your "lin uml"
problems.  I also asked you to email me your compile log for "lin uml".
And the uml discussion is better taken off line.  I don't think the rest
of the lunar mailing list really cares about UML.

No the ISO has NO UML patches applied to it.  I build the x86 Lunar ISO's for
general release, so I speak from experience on that topic.

Terry Chan
On Sun, Jan 26, 2003 at 03:36:08PM -0800, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:
> I finally managed to compile the host kernel with host-skas3.patch. I 
> still can't get the UML kernel to compile with "lin uml," though.
> Oh, and Terry? Unless the UML patches have already been applied to the 
> kernel source tree, I'm still not sure *why* the ISO is booting as UML. 
> Everything I've been told over the past two days on other lists indicates 
> that a kernel must be specifically built against UML in order to run in a 
> virtual machine. So I'm guessing that the ISO has the patch already 
> applied.

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