libpng and mozilla modules

Terry Chan tpchan at
Sat Jan 18 14:48:51 GMT 2003


You have several problems.

1. 1.1.2 is not the latest iso.  You should be using lunar-20021207-1.iso.

2. The libpng BUILD file is correct the way it is in moonbase, NOT
the way you have it edited.  Many modules in moonbase are using a
standard Lunar subroutine for patching code called patch_it.  Your edited
BUILD script is wrong.

BTW, patch is installed on your Lunar system as part of the base install
from the Lunar ISO.  Both of the Lunar core tool modules called
"lunar" and "theedge" (you have to have one or the other installed) have
a DEPENDS already on cpio, which in turn has a DEPENDS on patch, so
libpng does not need to have a DEPENDS on patch.  patch is also on the
sustained list, so a regular lunar user should NOT be able to remove 
patch from their system using lunar core tools.

3. If your /var/lib/lunar/subroutines does NOT have a patch_it function
then you need to update your lunar core tools with either a "lin lunar"
or a "lin theedge".

4. The DEPENDS in mozilla will someday work again with gtk+2 so we've left
it alone as it is surrounded by an IF test.  Also changing the DEPENDS script
in moonbase for go good reason causes a lot of lunar boxes to go through
unneeded recompiles/rebuilds because a lot of lunar users do not know
about the "lin --fixdepends" option.

Terry Chan
On Sat, Jan 18, 2003 at 11:05:26AM -0800, Ray Maung wrote:
> On a fresh 1.1.2 install and lunar update I ran into a
> few problems, these might be my fault but take a look:
> If the libpng module uses the patch system, shouldn't
> the patch module be in its DEPENDS?  Also, I had to
> change the BUILD of libpng to this to get it to work
> with patch:
> (
> # the funroll-loops is there from the authors of
> libpng.  Its not my idea!
>   export CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -Wall -funroll-loops"
>   cp scripts/makefile.linux ./Makefile &&
>   patch ./Makefile $SOURCE_CACHE/$SOURCE2 0 &&
>   default_make
> ) > $C_FIFO 2>&1
> ALso, mozilla checks for Gtk+1.2 or higher and refuses
> to compile with Gtk+2, so the DEPENDS should just
> require Gtk+1.2.
> Ray

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