libtool dependencies

Terry Chan tchan at
Mon Aug 25 03:32:11 GMT 2003


I'll use "->" as shorthand for depends on.

The lunar depends system is recursive so there is no problem with
xchat as:

xchat -> gtk+-2 -> jpeg -> libtool.

So libtool is already in the dependency tree for xchat.

Similarly fwbuilder -> imlib -> libtool.

I updated the DEPENDS for libfwbuilder and ogmtools.  Thank you for pointing
out these missing depends.

Terry Chan
On Mon, Aug 25, 2003 at 01:34:05AM +0200, Erik Søe Sørensen wrote:
> When I tried to install imlib, it used libtool - which wasn't installed, 
> and which wasn't added as a dependency either.
> It appears that the imlib module has been fixed, but according to grep 
> there are a few other modules that should have libtool added in DEPENDS:
>   chat/xchat
>   libs/libfwbuilder
>   security/fwbuilder
>   video/ogmtools
> Regards,
> Erik Søe Sørensen

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