xman & groff

Erik Søe Sørensen eriksoe at daimi.au.dk
Mon Aug 25 01:53:56 GMT 2003

Hi again...
xman tries to execute geqn, gtbl and zsoelim when showing man pages.
As far as I can tell, these commands are normally symlinks:
(in /usr/bin: )
   ln -s eqn geqn
   ln -s tbl gtbl
   ln -s soelim zsoelim

Creating these links stops xman from complaining. If this is the right 
thing to do, this symlink-creation should be added to the groff module.

But xman still displays man pages funnily:
        bash - GNU Bourne-Again SHell

        1mbash 22m[options] [file]
(Escape codes are not generated or interpreted correctly).
Does any of you know how to fix this?

/Erik [who has found an outlet for his Lunar issues :]
It is often more important to make timely decisions than it is to make
correct ones.
           -- Charles Simonyi, chief architect of Microsoft Word.

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