Older Versions of Packages

Terry Chan tpchan at comcast.net
Fri Aug 15 04:16:08 GMT 2003

Well perhaps you should try some other distro then.

Lunar does NOT support versioning at this time.  The distro always has
the latest, safe, stable version of any given module.  For mozilla it
is version 1.4.

The fact that mozilla-1.4 works for everyone else is PRECISELY the point
on why it is in moonbase, and NOT mozilla-1.3.

Terry Chan
On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 05:00:46AM +0000, johnlowell wrote:
> The question posed here is not why I might be having a font problem, it 
> is rather whether or not a preferred version of Mozilla will be 
> available to me with this distro. I'm led to believe by r0dzilla that an 
> earlier version just might be available and, if so, I'd prefer to have 
> it that way. In the circumstances, that no one else in lunar experiences 
> problems with 1.4 as I do would seem to me an irretrievable irrelevance, 
> frankly.
> The difficulty I experience with version 1.4 relates both to the 
> appearance of the interface itself, specifically to the width of the 
> tool bars, and to the consequent size of the fonts on them. In my view, 
> compared to version 1.3, they are unacceptably small. This difference in 
> versions has been observed with fresh installs on two other distros of a 
> similar nature to Lunar and in circumstances where the window manager 
> employed was identical. I'm told elsewhere that while these aspects of 
> Mozilla are configurable they are only so at some considerable 
> inconvenience.  So I've chosen to continue with 1.3 since that version 
> was available in those cases.  It had been my hope, of course, that 
> Lunar might accomodate my preference in versions also.
> John Lowell

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