Problems, Problems!

johnlowell johnlowell at
Thu Aug 14 00:59:13 GMT 2003

Well, for whatever its worth, I've found  way around the gtk+ problem. 

I began to realize earlier today that this problem emerged because I 
attempted to install mgapdesk before XFree86 on my list of modules to 
install. The version of gtk+ required by mgapdesk is an earlier version 
than the one required by XFree86 and, as everyone can see, has some 
problems. I believe one very recent report connected these troubles with 
true type but, in any event, if you install XFree86 first,  it asks for 
a more recent version of gtk +, 2something rather  than 1something, and 
when you later go to install mgapdesk it goes on without pausing for 
breathe.  Everything else went on perfectly well also, so I think I can 
say the problem is solved. But I suspect that you shouldn't have to do 
this, eh?

John Lowell

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