John Lowell johnlowell at ameritech.net
Tue Aug 12 19:27:53 GMT 2003

Thanks, Jeff.

I'm in the process of reinstalling at the moment so the log file from
yesterday is no longer available regretably. As soon as I've got X on
properly, Fluxbox would be my next step. As I understand it, instead of
launching the build via the lunar menu, I should run "lin fluxbox 0.1.14
success" at the command line (without the quotes, of course). Let me know if
I'm misunderstanding anything. Anyway, if the build fails for any reason,
I'll copy off the log file and send it to you.

I suppose I'd resigned myself to using something else after the failure with
fluxbox yesterday. My writing the list late this afternoon was kind of a
last hope thing before putting blackbox on this machine later tonight. I'm
happy there's hope and I'll write if there are further problems. Let m know
if I've understood you correctly.


John Lowell

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